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MSM Bottle Corset MULTICAM
The MSM Bottle Corset design concept is to be a bottle holder that is very size flexible and bu..
Ex Tax: SGD$45.00
MSM EMT Shears Mini/Pouch Combo
Handy EMT /Medical Shears good for cutting about anything, but primarily used for removal of cl..
Ex Tax: SGD$24.00
MSM Small Patch Panel
The MSM Small Patch Panel is a collaboration effort being designed by Mil-Spec Monkey and manufactur..
Ex Tax: SGD$25.00
MSM Stealth Compact Pouch
This is our Compact variant based on the original Stealth admin pouch. Coming in at about 2/3rds the..
Ex Tax: SGD$60.00
MSM Stealth Utility Admin Pouch
The original MCAP was a success, however some users wanted a more quiet variant. So I took the main ..
Ex Tax: SGD$65.00
MSM Tac Organiser Pouch
MIL-SPEC MONKEY Tac-Organizer Pouch. Based on the Stealth Admin pouch, we wanted to go with a sli..
Ex Tax: SGD$60.00