The MultiCam® pattern was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations, after being proven in combat, and after becoming the officially issued pattern of the US Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, MultiCam® is the proven multi-environment concealment solution.

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The Condor EMT Pouch is one of the most popualr among our customers. Equipped with Elast..
Ex Tax: SGD$40.00
Condor Hydro Harness MULTICAM
The Condor Hydro Harness was designed to work with Condor MCR4, MCR5, MCR6, and MCR7 to provide hydr..
Ex Tax: SGD$85.00
Condor Mesh Tactical Cap MULTICAM
The Condor Mesh Tactical Cap features a highly breathable mesh panel to wick that moisture away from..
Ex Tax: SGD$20.00
Condor Multi Wrap MULTICAM
Condor Multi-Wrap can be easily transformed into a cap, a headwrap, a face mask or a headband, etc. ..
Ex Tax: SGD$25.00
Condor Ops Chest Rig MULTICAM
Genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam® Heavyweight webbing for modular attachment Swivi-Lockster® ..
Ex Tax: SGD$75.00
Condor Rain Cover MULTICAM
The Condor Raincover was designed to keep your backpack and essentials dry. The MultiCam Theta mater..
Ex Tax: SGD$65.00
Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig MULTICAM
Specifications : - Genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam® - Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbi..
Ex Tax: SGD$85.00
Condor Recon Chest Rig MULTICAM
The Condor Recon Chest Rig is one of the most functional rigs on the market. Carrying a plethora of ..
Ex Tax: SGD$95.00
Condor Ronin Chest Rig MULTICAM
Details Genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam® Heavy weight webbing for modular attachment Swiv..
Ex Tax: SGD$85.00
Condor Sidekick Pouch - MULTICAM
This is a low profile, versatile, utility pouch to carry many items. This pouch opens to 90 degrees ..
Ex Tax: SGD$40.00
Condor Single Frag Grenade Pouch MULTICAM
Life made simple.. it only takes one hand to open the quick-release plastic buckle and grab the gren..
Ex Tax: SGD$20.00
Condor Sunglasses Pouch MULTICAM
The Condor Sunglass case is reinforced with semi-rigid construction and a double zipper closure. The..
Ex Tax: SGD$25.00
Condor T&T Pouch MULTICAM
Condor T & T Pouch Fully opens with paracords to adjust. Genuine Crye Precision MultiCam ..
Ex Tax: SGD$55.00
Condor Tactical  Cap MULTICAM
Specifications : - Genuine Crye Precision MultiCam - 100% Cotton - Adjustable strap with buckle o..
Ex Tax: SGD$25.00
Hazard 4 Big Koala - MULTICAM
A versatile modular (MOLLE compatible) soft case best suited to smartphones and pocket cameras that ..
Ex Tax: SGD$40.00
Hazard 4 Broadside MULTICAM
Use this medium-sized MOLLE compatible pouch to expand the carrying capacity of our larger packs and..
Ex Tax: SGD$70.00
Hazard 4 Evac Plan B - MULTICAM
Being jammed in confined spaces for hours is an unfortunate part of the business for many profession..
Ex Tax: SGD$245.00
Hazard 4 Evac Takedown MULTICAM
This version of the Evac™ sling pack was by popular demand specifically designed to accommodate the ..
Ex Tax: SGD$320.00