A.I.M. Spec was featured in our local newspapers BERITA HARIAN on 14th Nov 2014. We are also proud to sponsor 10 pcs of LED Lenser SEO7R Headlights, worth SGD120.00 each, as prizes for the upcoming fishing competition on 6th Dec 2014 jointly organised by Surf Cast Club and Berita Harian.

LED LENSER SEO7R - Now, get the technology you want in a compact, lightweight and rechargeable design. Featuring German-engineered OPTISENSE Technology™, the SEO 7R will sense the light level in your surrounding area and will adjust its brightness automatically to save battery life and give you light when you need it, without taking your hands from your task. A red LED preserves your night vision and helps to make sure you stay safe while enjoying the activities you love. Get it all with the SEO 7R!